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3 Powerful Ways Google Analytics Can Grow Your VA Business

Maybe you’ve read about Google Analytics in a passing Facebook post or blog article. Or you’ve heard a couple clients of yours mention it, but you haven’t paid much attention. The truth is that there are so many things you are already doing in your business — you are a busy bee virtual assistant who doesn’t have time to look into more technology or new stuff that you could be doing to help grow your VA business.

Or maybe you actually have looked into using Google Analytics before. But you became quickly overwhelmed by the unattractive blast of ugly reporting and confusing data. Ugh, who has the time?

That being said — prioritizing real data numbers can dramatically change how you do business and how you help your clients.

Deep down, you know that you should be looking at this stuff at least once in awhile…but why? Isn’t it just easier to ignore those metrics for now and figure them out later, when you are less busy?

Well I’m telling you no! Here are three reasons why starting to look at and use your Google Analytics today can dramatically revolutionize and grow your VA business, plus help you service your clients as well.

3 Powerful Ways Google Analytics Can Grow Your VA Business

#1: Understand where your site traffic is coming from.

If you’ve been shelling out for Facebook Ads over the last couple of months, with the Facebook pixel, you can see how much traffic the ads are bringing in and converting.

But maybe you are bringing in just as much traffic via Twitter and that is converting on your sales page even more! This is just one example of the type of information Google Analytics can uncover for you that could change how you run your business.

Compared to other landing page or opt-in service analytics (like ConvertKit), Google Analytics gives you a more global view of all the different ways people get to your site.

Without any additional set-up, Google Analytics captures social platforms, email, Google search, and direct visits (when users type your site URL directly into the browser).

Additionally, Google Analytics tells you which content of yours seems to be performing the best. By seeing how many page views each blog post is getting, you can get a sense of the popularity of each post. This can tie into your content strategy and help you brainstorm future topics.

Taking it a step further, you can tie in each marketing platform and the specific content that works with it. For example, you might notice that sharing your blog posts with an image on Instagram seems to be more effective than in Facebook Groups. However, maybe using Facebook Groups is ideal specifically for any opt-in freebies you’re promoting right now.

The more time you spend with Google Analytics, the more specific you can get with your strategy.

The data doesn’t lie. With this information, you can understand which of your marketing efforts are leading to real visits.

#2: Add a new service to your existing retainer clients

As the new year has rolled in and you’ve laid out your take-on-the-world strategy, you’ve also been racking your brains on 3 Powerful Ways Google Analytics Can Grow Your VA Business // The VA Collectivehow to maintain those past clients.

Here’s one idea! You can impress your loyal clients with a new service that gives them information about where their traffic is coming from.

This will not only catch their attention, but it proves that you are always learning new skills that will benefit their business. This puts you in a very innovative light and strengthens your expert status.

Show your existing clientele your dedication to them and their business by adding a different type of ongoing service.

Additionally, there is less likeliness of them to stray away to other VAs, because you’ve proven that you are continuously refreshing your services.

#3: Attract new leads by differentiating yourself from the market

Publicly marketing Google Analytics services distinguishes you from a sea of other VAs who provide the same standard packages. You can decide on the range of services up front: from a mini service (setting up Google Analytics) to something more meaty (Google Analytics analysis and ongoing reporting).

Whatever you feel comfortable doing, this service can seamlessly roll in with the rest of your VA offerings and sales cycles.

Again, showing that you have a unique edge attracts higher-paying clients who are looking to invest in a more mature VA. In the long run, this leads to more income on your side!

Ready to learn Google Analytics, but not sure where to start?

GA for VAs is a course designed specifically for virtual assistants looking to add a new service to their business. This course not only includes the baseline skills (like tool set-up and configuration), but also specific reporting templates for VAs to use with their existing clients. It will not only train you how to use the tool, but will also give you a framework of how to roll out your own Google Analytics services. You will be able to integrate this new aspect into your business with less hassle and more profit!

Whether you want to attract new clients or are looking to get into your own site traffic, getting to know a tool like Google Analytics can dramatically grow your VA business!

Happy analyzing!

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