3 of the Craziest Myths About Being a Virtual Assistant

In my time as a VA mentor, I have talked to hundreds of aspiring virtual assistants about what they need to do in order to get started and succeed in online business. You would be so surprised by how many of them have amazing skills, but are held back by some of the craziest myths about being a virtual assistant.

3 of the Craziest Myths About Being a Virtual Assistant // The VA Collective

It’s kind of sad to see people who could totally be making a full-time income as a VA, but they just aren’t able to get past these mental roadblocks that are making them nervous about starting an online business doing what they love!

One of my strongest passions is helping aspiring VAs get started. In order to do this, I offer hour-long mentoring sessions to help them understand what their marketable skills are, the details of where to begin, and answer any questions they might have.

For those who aren’t ready to jump into mentoring right now, I also offer this free checklist to make jumpstarting a VA business even easier!


Now that you’re prepared to run your own VA business, I really want to share with you three of the most common myths about being a virtual assistant.  If these are the reasons you haven’t started as a virtual assistant yet, do yourself a favor and recognize them as the myths that they are.

3 of the Craziest Myths About Being a Virtual Assistant

  1. The market is too crowded; there are a million virtual assistants.

    I can’t even tell you how often I hear this. Since a lot of people know that virtual assistance is one of the fastest growing and most popular new fields of online business, they are very hesitant to join in and deal with all of the competition. But, while there is some truth to there being a LOT of virtual assistants out there, this myth is still crazy!

    The market is absolutely not too crowded for you to succeed as a virtual assistant.

    First of all, a lot of the people who might call themselves a virtual assistant are either (a) super inexperienced, (b) aren’t actually trying to become full-time VAs, or (c) international.

    Most of these people that you see “crowding up the market” aren’t actually your direct competition. Yes, they may technically be “virtual assistants,” but you won’t be competing for the same jobs, so you really don’t have to worry about them!

    Plus, one of the reasons that it seems like there are a lot of virtual assistants is because there are a ton of jobs to go around! The online business world is growing each and every day, which means that more and more business owners will be looking for someone just like you to help them.

  2. Nobody is interested in hiring a U.S.-based virtual assistant.

    This just makes me laugh! If that were true, I (and a lot of my friends) would not have a thriving business right now. Hiring an international VA for $1 an hour can be like hiring someone on Fiverr to design a super high-quality and original logo. In most cases, you get what you pay for.  

    People who are looking for a quality VA would usually only consider hiring internationally for mass repetitive tasks; like editing videos, transcribing audio, and mining data. But if you are truly looking for someone who knows what they are doing with the more complex and niche-specific tasks, hiring close to home is absolutely the answer!

    Like I mentioned in the first myth, international VAs are simply not your competition. If you market yourself as a high-quality team member, you will absolutely find tons people who are specifically looking for that.

  3. You need to have a TON of skills to start working as a virtual assistant.

    Nope, you definitely do not! When I first started out, I worked on fairly easy tasks for people, banking on my real-world experience of having been a blogger for 10+ years, and having worked for 3 years in an office. Although I also had a bit of design experience, the difference between my knowledge then and now is insane! I know so much more now, but I was still able to find plenty of clients with no “real” virtual assistant experience.

    It’s important to just remember that life experience totally counts! Don’t hesitate to explain to potential clients that you spent 2 years as a manager at Walgreens… Although not directly related, having that type of managerial background could be a huge bonus, especially if you are offering skills related to team/project management, etc.

    There are a lot of VAs out there with literally no virtual assistant skills at all who are still trying to get work. If you can rework your life experience and use that as a springboard for your virtual assistant career, you are already in a way better position than most people applying for jobs!

It makes me so excited to see people that want to make money from home find their dream job in the virtual assistance field. Debunking some of these myths is another way for me to help clear the way for aspiring VAs to get started.

If you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, schedule a mentoring call and download my free checklist! I can’t wait to see how successful you’re going to become!


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