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You Need a Support System
Sometimes running your own virtual assistant business can be lonely and confusing. Who do you go to for help? The competition as a VA is fierce. Other virtual assistants are not too willing to share their business secrets, but how else can you learn and grow?

Over the past year, I have worked to develop a high-quality internship program that gives determined and skilled aspiring VAs the chance to work alongside me and the rest of my team in a fast-paced environment with a ton of opportunity to gain priceless experience.

This past summer, when I opened my doors for a new intern and over 400 people applied for the job…I knew that my program was something special. My only problem was that I couldn’t hire everybody!

This membership program is the perfect solution to my (and your!) problem. For the crazy good deal of only $9/month, you can get access to a similar type of training that I give each of my interns! Plus, with the monthly mastermind calls and private Facebook group, you get tons of access to pick my brain.

If you’re struggling to get clients or simply want to hang out with me and learn from my experience growing a full-time VA team…this program is perfect for you! Seriously.
You're About to Get Everything You Need:
Trainings and tutorials on programs all VAs need to know how to use
Contract templates, email scripts, and checklists
Monthly 1-hour mastermind calls with yours truly
An exclusive Facebook group only for Vault members!
More content added every single month!
October 2016:
How to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant
  • New Client Onboarding Checklist
  • Independent Contractor Contract Template
  • Checklist: What to Include on Your Website
November 2016:
All About Facebook
  • Module 0.5 from the Four Figure Facebook Formula
  • Video: How I Schedule Content for Facebook Business Pages
  • Video: How to Use Buffer to Schedule Content for a Facebook Page
  • Video: How to Use Hootsuite to Schedule Content for a Facebook Page
  • Video: How to Use PostPlanner to Schedule Content for a Facebook Page
  • Video: How to Use MeetEdgar to Schedule Content for a Facebook Page
December 2016:
Gaining Experience
on Upwork
  • Video Tutorial: How to Get Started on
  • Example of a Good Profile
  • Script for Filling Out the "Cover Page" Section of Job Applications
  • Video Tutorial: How to Find the Best Jobs to Apply For
  • Masterclass Topic: How to Stand Out to Potential Clients
January 2017:
Project Management
  • Asana Masterclass Training Video
  •  Trello 101 Tutorial Video
  • Teamwork Overview Video
  •  Masterclass Topic: Project Management
February 2017:
CLIENT onboarding
  • Sample Intake Form Questions
  • Video Tutorial: How to Send a Paypal Invoice
  • Video Tutorial: How to Send a Wave Invoice
  • Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Acuity Scheduler
  • Email Script: After a Client Books a Discovery Call
  •  Example of an Onboarding Workflow
  •  Welcome Area/Welcome Kit Example
  •  Masterclass Recording
march 2017:
VA finances & taxes
  • Checklist: Tax Deductions for Sole Proprietors
  • Checklist: Sole Prop Tax Preparation
  • My Recommended CPA and Bookkeeper
  • Spreadsheet: Interactive Income/Expenses Tracker
  • Mastermind Recording: Bank Accounts, LLCs, and Sole Proprietorships
APRIL 2017:
  • Email Template: Price Increase on Current Client
  • Overview: How to Price Yourself 
  • List of Pricing Calculators
  • Chart: Common Hourly & Project-Based Pricing
  • Masterclass Recording
MAY 2017:
  • Email Template: Pre-Discovery Call Outreach
  • 8-Part Discovery Call Script
  • Email Template: Discovery Call Follow-Up
  • Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Acuity Scheduler
  • Printable PDF: Discovery Call Notes
  • Masterclass Recording
JUNE 2017:
  • Overview: Choosing a Time Tracker
  • Video Tutorial: How to Use Toggl
  • Integrating Toggl with Your Project Manager
  • Spreadsheet Template: Client Time Sheet
  • Printable PDF: Discovery Call Notes
  • Email Template: Client is Out of Time
  •  Masterclass Recording
    JULY 2017:
    • Miranda's Client Welcome Kit
    • Checklist: What to Include in a Welcome Kit
    • Template: "How I Work" Document
    • Email Template: Welcome Kit Delivery
    • Checklist: Types of Questionnaire Questions
    • Masterclass Recording
    AUGUST 2017:
    • Sample Testimonial Request Form
    • Testimonial Graphic Template
    • How to Write a Testimonial Tips
    • Video Tutorial: How to Create a Request Form
    • Masterclass Recording
    SEPTEMBER 2017:
    • Subcontractor Contract Template
    • Common Subcontractor Rates Chart
    • Subcontractor Welcome Kit Example
    • Email Template: Subcontractor "How We Work"
    • Masterclass Recording
      October 2017:
      • Trello Board Lead-Tracking Template
      • Email Script: Lead Follow Up #1
      • Email Script: Lead Follow Up #2
      • Script: Responding to a Facebook Job Posting
      • Masterclass Recording
      November 2017:
      Cold emailing
      December 2017:
      packing your services