14 Best Virtual Assistant Gifts for the Holidays

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Being a virtual assistant is no joke. And now, finally, it’s time for the holidays! These virtual assistant gifts are exactly the things that you need to pamper yourself and relax this winter. Why not splurge a little! Or ask for something extra special from your family!

As a hard-working virtual assistant, you deserve it.


14 Best Virtual Assistant Gifts for the Holidays // The VA Collective


  1. Clinique Cleansing Brush Set — I don’t know about you, but working from home does not keep my face any cleaner. I recently bought my own cleansing brush, and it’s ah-mazing. Like, seriously. I’ll never wash my face with just my hands again!
  2. “Because Kids” Wine Glass — Need I say more?
  3. The VA Vault — It wouldn’t be a true gift guide without some shameless self-promotion. Had your eye on my awesome VA Vault program? It can be yours for only $9!
  4. Working Girl File Folders — Could these be any cuter?
  5. Gold Scalloped Business Card Holder — It’s soooooo adorable. I need this!
  6. Kate Spade Gold Pen Set — Because who doesn’t need gold pens in their life?
  7. Tempur-Pedic Slippers — Cozy feet are a must for anyone who works from home.
  8. Soft and Fuzzy Robe — If I could wear this robe 24/7, I think that I probably would.
  9. Gold Stapler — Does your desk need a little refresh? This gold stapler has the “it” factor.
  10. Pink Grapefruit/Prosecco Candle — I’m a sucker for candles in general, but this one might have just stolen my heart!
  11. 2017 Weekly & Monthly Planner — You’ve gotta have one, right?!
  12. Gold Letter Sorter — I’m actually legitimately terrible about sorting my mail. This is a must!
  13. “I Can’t Even” Mug — Because I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN.
  14. Gold File Sorter — I have this weird personal belief that everyone needs a filing cabinet. Everyone. Missing out? Grab this totes adorbs version now.

Now, head off and make your list for Santa! Have happy holidays and an amazing new year, you hardworking virtual assistant, you!

14 Best Virtual Assistant Gifts for the Holidays // The VA Collective

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